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Fill-in the gap with the first ever local benchmark made by experts for the experts, all sectors combined, exclusively focused on the information security controls landscape in Luxembourg and it's greater region.

Take part in our 1st Benchmark

Information Security Controls 1st edition

With the support of 28 members of the CLUSIL, a questionnaire addressing a large spectrum of categories of information security controls have been drafted and now disseminated toward the community to get answers.

We encourage you to fill out or forward this invitation to your company’s (Chief) Information Security Officer ((C)ISO), Responsable de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (RSSI), IT Manager, or anyone who has information security within his scope of responsability.

5 respondents, chosen randomly, will win a one year CLUSIL membership (see conditions at the end of the survey).

Time to complete: ~15 mins

More to come soon...

Stay tuned for further opportunities to make your voice heard.